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  • Case Study 1


    ”To you all who have given me any treatment, you have all been so lovely, understanding and patient & restored my confidence attending a dentist but especially to the “fantastic” results of the Invisalign! Thank you John !! You have made my Smile! Thank you Cherry x”

  • Case Study 2

    “I’m delighted with the results of my Invisalign treatment. I used to be very conscious of how my teeth looked and so tried to smile without showing them. I’m now really happy with the way they look which has really improved my confidence.
    The treatment itself – although uncomfortable at times – was a lot less painful and intrusive than I thought it would be. Within a couple of weeks of starting the process I forgot I was wearing the liners most of the time and the majority of people didn’t notice them at all.
    The team at Brixworth Dental couldn’t have been kinder or more friendly – I’ll kind of miss my regular visits! ” Linda

  • Case Study 3

    This is a young lady who was told by several dentists that she couldn’t be treated with Invisalign alone. That she was “too difficult to treat with Invislaign”.

    Dr John Serrano – Davey didn’t think so, and treated her with a course of Invisalign Aligners, but combined it with six weeks of hidden fixed braces behind her six upper teeth, and here is the result.

    And what did the patient think of the result?

    “I’m absolutely delighted that John was able to achieve such a great result, even though I was told it was impossible without wearing “traintracks”! Thank you so much for giving me this beautiful new smile.”

  • Case Study 4

    Above is a photograph of Michelle before she had Invisalign Lite treatment with Dr John Serrano-Davey. John is our Diamond Invisalign provider at Brixworth Dental Practice, Brixworth, Northampton and the only Diamond Invisalign provider in Northamptonshire. The photograph to the right shows how Michelle now looks like and here is what she said about her treatment:

    “Absolutely fantastic, only found I had slight pain for the first couple of days. The whole process was extremely easy and as you can see the improvement straight away this is very rewarding. I wish I had done this years ago. Very impressed with every aspect, Thank you.”

  • Case Study 5

    Evie had Invisalign Full here at Brixworth Dental Practice with Dr John Serrano-Davey Northamptonshire’s only Diamond provider.

    Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

    “I am happy with the results! I now have more confidence to smile both open and closed mouth as my lips look a bit smaller.”

    …… and mum says:

    “Appointments always fitted around Evie’s schedule, which was great while Evie doing exams etc.”

    Evie’s was a more complex Invisalign case and took just over 30 months and changed her profile and smile markedly.

  • Case Study 6

    “John and the team could not have been more friendly, cheerful and helpful throughout the whole process. From the beginning John is very honest and will really manage your expectations so you know exactly what to expect. You know your in the hands of a true professional with John, who is out to help you get results, not just make as much money as he can off you. I am thrilled with the results and am so much happier for people to see my smile. I would go so far to say that John has even bettered his prediction of how my teeth would look. No-one ever used to know I was wearing my Invisalign brace and although it feels a bit alien and uncomfortable at first, once you get past the first week it just becomes a normal part of your daily routine. I would stress that the only way to get results is to follow John’s instructions exactly and commit to wearing the brace for the full time frame! Don’t go blaming the team if you only wear the brace for a few hours a day. The payments have been flexible and easy, allowing me to chip away at the total cost over time, so that the payments have never been painful. I would recommend John and his team to anyone.” Richard

    We think you’ll agree that the smile to your right of Richard after treatment looks great.

  • Case Study 7

    John’s Invisalign treatment lasted just 21 months and the result can be seen in the photo, here is what John had to say:

    The team at Brixworth Dental Practice have been excellent from start to finish. The treatment went seamlessly and my teeth have been transformed. I really wish I had done it years ago.”

  • Case Study 8

    ”I spent years after my teenage braces came off watching my teeth move and not being able to do anything about it. It got to the point where I was unable to smile in photos and I felt constantly self conscious in front of other people. I found John on the internet after doing some research and was impressed at his extensive credentials. He put together an amazing package at a great price and has kept me thoroughly informed throughout the process. I genuinely feel like he has changed my life – I feel so much more confident now and love my smile. I would 100% recommend John’s and the teams services to anyone looking to improve their smile. Thank you so much!”

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